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Charles James ROBINSON was the subject of our early Robinson family history research. He was a staunch member of the Salvation Army. In an article in the “War Cry” in 1880 he tells of his early days in Surrey, England. His parents died very early in his life - mother Martha (nee ELSON) died in 1860 when Charles was three and his father George died three years later in a railway accident. The “Surrey Advertiser” of the time records it as a “shocking accident” in which George Robinson was run over by a train. Thirteen children were left orphans and in the 1871 census Charles' siblings are divided and living with various family members and friends, or even in boarding houses. Charles refers in the War Cry to being “dragged up” by an alcoholic brother and at nine, being sent to work in a brick field. From there another brother encouraged him to join the army. Charles eventually bought his discharge, and in 1881 he married Mary Edith PERRETT. They moved to New Zealand, and later transferred to Australia. Charleswas farewelled in a huge Salvation Army funeral Melbourne, in 1897.

George ROBINSON (1816 – 1865) married Martha ELSON in 1835. Their children were-

Mary Ann (1836-?); George (1838-?); William (1840-?); Martha (1841-?); John (1842-?); Alfred (1845-?); Henry (1847-?); Edwin (1851-?); Rosina (1853-1906); Albert (1854-?); Eleanor (1855-1855); Charles James (1857-1897); Emily (1860-?).

Apart from Charles James, Rosina is the only other member of the family that we have information for. She married William James COWDREY in 1872 and they had ten children.

The children of Charles James ROBINSON and Mary Edith PERRETT were-

xxxxxx Lilian Edith (1882 – 1183)
xxxxxxAlbert Ernest (1884 – 1931)
xxxxxxBramwell (1886 - ?)
xxxxxxEva Thirza (1888 – 1963)
xxxxxxEdith Catherine (1890 – 1917) (Trevor’s grandmother)
xxxxxxAmy (1891 – 1955)
xxxxxxCharles (1893 – 1953)
xxxxxxMay Evelyn (1896 – 1975)

Significant Names in Our Family History:
Charles James Robinson,Martha ELSON,George ROBINSON, Mary Edith PERRETT, Edith Catherine ROBINSON.

Other Surnames: