ATKIN from Sheffield in England. Associated names are Beavan, Bennett, Berryman, Carwardine, Chivell, Costello, Crowd, Dunn, Eve, Giersch, Godden, Green, Gurr, Huston, Hynes, Lindrum, Machon, Mack, Maidment, Mason, McVitty, Octomann, Owin, Pahl, Seymour, Shortliff, Southam, Taylor, Vick, Warrington, Washington, Wolff

Our Bowns are from the UK but area unknown (although we believe possibly Sheffield). Associated names are as for Atkin. The Cliffords are from Ireland (Cork). Associated names are as for Atkin.

GASCOIGNE from the London area of England. Associated names are Armstrong, Barritt, Bateman, Field, Humphreys, Parsons

HUTTON from England, principally Devon and Hampshire. Associated names are Atkinson, Barrett, Bent, Campbell, Comins, Deans, DeWitt, Dill, Harriman, Hodgson, Lee, Longman, Moore, Moulton-Barrett, Nightingale, Norrish, Pemberton, Plumptre, Renwick, Ripley, Russell, Sherard, Silverthorn, Skepper, Stokes, Threshie, Wale, Whichcote.

LEWIS from the London area of England. Associated names are Churchill, Bratton, Clements, Divine, Ennis, Gould, Issitt, Livens, Morris, Perrymeant, Sandford, Turner, Vallely, Wigley

RICHES from the Norfolk area of England. Associated names are Bond, Bradbury, Brittain, Cowdrey, Eldridge, Elson, Evans, Grimmond, Hopkins, Kelton, Ladd, Money, Perrett, Taylor, Tobin, Vanner, West, Willick.

ROBINSON from the Woking (Surrey) area of England. Associated names are as for Riches.

STEED from Elham & Ashford in Kent, England. Associated names are Backhaus, Beecken, Clifton, Cochran, Everson, Gadsden, Gascoyne, Gurr, Kadwell, Little, Mason, Mathews, Ochtomann, Oliver, Pearce, Peck, Sadler, Steinwedel, Templer

Names important in our joint family histories: ATKIN, BOWN, CLIFFORD, GASCOIGNE, HUTTON, LEWIS, RICHES, ROBINSON, STEED.

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