Our interest is in the family history of a William Stephen Moore HUTTON, Trevor’s second great-grandfather. He came to South Australia in 1850 and held various government positions including customs clerk, Inspector of Foot Police, and Commissioner of Public Works. At his death in 1870, he was the State's Under-Treasurer. Both William and his brother Francis attended Cambridge University.

William was born on the 21st October, 1828 in Sidmouth Devon, to the Reverend Francis Harriman HUTTON and Mary Ann PEMBERTON. His grandfather, James Harriman HUTTON and his uncles Rufus HUTTON, Charles HUTTON and Henry HUTTON were all clergymen. On his mother’s side there were many clergymen, doctors and solicitors with his 3rd great grandfather, Sir Jeremy PEMBERTON, being the Lord Chief Justice of England. Another great grandfather was General Sir Charles WALE. These families were from the Cambridge region of England (in particular Trumpington) although both Francis Harriman HUTTON and James Harriman HUTTON were vicars of Leckford in Hampshire.

William’s brothers and sisters are-

Emily HUTTON – born on the 6th April, 1825 in Devon. Emily married William LONGMAN a farmer of Leckford, Hampshire and had 7 children. She died in 1902 in Portsmouth, Hampshire.
Francis Frederick HUTTON – born on the 4th August 1826 in Devon. Francis died at sea (1859) when the “Royal Charter” foundered in a hurricane off the coast of Wales. He had been returning to England after an eventful period of time in Australia in which he had been an artist, explorer and public servant. He was unmarried. The portrait shown above is his work, and is reproduced courtesy of the Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, State Library of Tasmania Their collection includes other works by Francis Frederick.
Matilda HUTTON – 25th October 1827 - 12th October 1835.
Charles Henry HUTTON c1830 - 15th October 1835
John Bicknell HUTTON – born c1831 in Surrey and died the same year.
George James HUTTON 20th October 1832 - 8th April 1835.
Anna Maria HUTTON – 27th January 1834 - 24th June 1843.

Helena HUTTON – born on the 15th March, 1835. Helena married firstly Graeme Hastings ATKINSON (a major in the Indian Army) and after his death at sea in 1865 she married Melville Mitchell WALKER (a bank
manager). We have not been able to discover the birth of any children for either marriage. Helena died in c1875.

We have an extensive family tree for the Pemberton family (the Pemberton Pedigrees).

Important in the family history: William Stephen Moore HUTTON, South Australia, Sidmouth Devon, Cambridge,Francis Harriman HUTTON, Francis Frederick HUTTON, Royal Charter, Allport Library and Museum of Fine Arts, Tasmania,  Leckford, James Harriman HUTTON, Hampshire, Reverend Francis Harriman HUTTON, Mary Ann PEMBERTON.

Additional information sought: Rufus HUTTON, Charles HUTTON, Sir Jeremy PEMBERTON, General Sir Charles WALE, Trumpington, Emily HUTTON, William LONGMAN, Matilda HUTTON, Charles Henry HUTTON, John Bicknell HUTTON, George James HUTTON, Anna Maria HUTTON, Helena HUTTON, Graeme Hastings ATKINSON, Melville Mitchell WALKER, Henry HUTTON.