Thank you for visiting our RICHES family history site. We are Jill and Trevor and we live in a small town to the south-east of Adelaide South Australia, where we have a close association with the local National Trust museum. Our research interests began with our branches of the GASCOIGNE, LEWIS, BOWN and RICHES families. We've collected together a number of Australian and UK resources and are always happy to swap information or to help others research their families.

Our RICHES family history research has taken us back to the parish of Wiggenhall St. Mary the Virgin in Norwich, UK. William Money RICHES left Norfolk with his wife and son, arriving "Down Under" in the mid 1800s, and landing at Portland Bay Victoria. William was named after the Reverend William Money, vicar of the above parish.

RICHES connections we've researched using both UK and Australasian records include the following families and individuals, who travelled to Australia in the mid 1800s: ATKIN (Sheffield) CLIFFORD (Cork, Ireland) Charles BOWN (most likely from Sheffield) Frederick Richard STEED (Kent) and brothers William Stephen Moore HUTTON and Francis Frederick HUTTON (both from Hampshire). In 1882, the ROBINSON family left Surrey (Woking) to live in New Zealand, but later moved to Queensland. An 1886 marriage between Frederick William LINDRUM jnr and Harriett ATKIN, sparked our interest in the genealogy of the LINDRUM family. In fact, Clara LINDRUM (grandmother of billiards champion Walter LINDRUM) seems to have disappeared from the South Australian historical records around 1884. This has become one one of our most enduring "brick walls".

Jill's family ( GASCOIGNE) arrived in South Australia (from London) in the late 1950s. Other GASCOIGNE relatives chose to remain in the UK and included the FIELD family (from Lancashire, but at the time living in London) and the WOOD family (also Londoners). Another member of Jill's family, George Lewis, left London for Australia in the early 1900s. The remaining LEWIS relatives likewise chose to remain in London, and included family names like SWAN, DEVINE and ISSITT (initially from Northamptonshire). Our Family Histories page provides more detailed information on the families listed above.

Surnames: Atkin, Bown, Clifford, Devine, Field, Gascoigne, Hutton, Issitt, Lewis, Lindrum, Money, Riches, Robinson, Steed, Swan, Wood.

Brick Walls:We'd very much welcome more information on Charles Bown, Clara Lindrum, Frederick Richard Steed, Francis Frederick Hutton, Maria Riches, Reverend William Money, Thomas Tate Washington, William Money Riches and William Stephen Moore Hutton.