Jill's father is John James Earnest GASCOIGNE. His family was separated by divorce when he was around ten years old and from that day forward he had no further contact with his siblings. We do know their names - Sydney, Joyce and Kenneth and have recently discovered his three half-sisters ( Eileen, Margaret and Pamela).

John Raymond GASCOIGNE (1802-1843) married Amelia Ann CAINE – they had one child that we are aware of and that is Thomas Wood GASCOIGNE. Born in 1828, he is Jill’s 2nd great-grandfather. Several of the GASCOIGNEs had the middle name of Wood and this refers back to Ann WOOD who married Thomas GASCOIGNE in 1764.

Thomas Wood GASCOIGNE (1828-1884) married Martha ATKINS and they had eight children –

Thomas Wood GASCOIGNE 2nd (1855-1899) - we think an unmarried policeman; Harriett (1857-1943) married to Frederick George BATEMAN: Edward J (1859-?): Martha (1863-?); Sarah (1864-1884) married to William DIPPLE; John GASCOIGNE (1866-1928) married to Harriett Eliza HUMPHREYS – and Jill’s great-grandparents; Henry (1870-?) and William George (1873-?).
John GASCOIGNE and Harriett Eliza HUMPHREYS had eleven children –
John Frederick James (1898-1975) married to (1) Violet Ethel FIELD – Jill’s grandparents and (2) Charlotte Mirrlees Craig BICKETTS: Ernest Thomas Wood (1899-1943) married to (1) Matilda Louisa WEBB and (2) Ada ?; Victoria Harriett (1901-1965) married to William BICKNELL; Gladys Martha (1903-1904); Frederick William Roland (1905-1980) married to Violet ?; William (1904-1914); Thomas Frederick (1909-1909); Edwin John (1910-1979); Doris Sylvia (1912-2003) married to Sydney BARRITT; Reginald (1915-1916); William Ronald (1917-1917)

Important in the family history: GASCOIGNE, CAINE, WOOD, ATKINS, FIELD,Thomas Wood GASCOIGNE, John James Earnest GASCOIGNE ,John Raymond GASCOIGNE, Amelia Ann CAINE, Ann WOOD, Thomas Wood GASCOIGNE, Martha ATKINS, John Frederick James,Violet Ethel FIELD.