Our ATKIN family history begins in Norton, Sheffield, where Henry Atkin (born 29.8.1809) had worked as a wood turner. The children of Henry Atkin and his wife Harriet (born 29.7.1810) are listed below.

At a Meeting of Emigrants held on board the ship Brankenmoore, July 3rd, 1849, the following Resolutions and Address were moved and carried unanimously (moved by Mr Atkin, seconded by Mr Welton: "The emigrants by the ship Brankenmoore, from England, on their arrival in the Port of Adelaide under the protection of Divine Providence, feel bound to express their gratitude to Captain John James, Commander of the above ship, and to Thomas Ward Boswood, Esq., Surgeon-Superintendent, under whose charge we have sailed, for their gentlemanly, generous, and kind conduct to each and all of them; also for their utmost endeavour to promote their health and comfort, by which means a long and tedious voyage has been made comparatively light........."

Mary, born c1832. We know of Mary's birth but no further details.
Ellen, (Trevor's 2nd great-grandmother), 14.11.1832 - 2.1.1926. Ellen married Charles BOWN with whom she had two children; had a relationship with William Stephen Moore HUTTON resulting in the birth of one child and a marriage to Thomas Tate WASHINGTON which produced a further two children.
Henry, 14.2.1835 - 2.3.1887. Henry married Mary Ann MASON and they had 9 children.
Elizabeth, 21.2.1838 - 4.9.1918. Elizabeth married William BENNETT and they had 9 children.
Thomas, 5.9.1839 - 22.3.1902. Thomas married Margaret MASON (sister to Henry's wife Mary Ann). Thomas and Margaret had one child who died when only a couple of days old.
Harriet, C1842 - 9.10.1914. Harriet married George HUSTON and had 9 children.
Richard Cobden, (c1846 - 1848 (named after Richard Cobden, one of the founding members of the Anti-Corn Law League).
Jannet, (c1849 - 1.4.1850)

Henry died on the 2nd March, 1878 in Gilbert Street, Adelaide, Harriet had died on the 9th July 1859. Henry did not re-marry.